The Work Healthy Podcast series

Welcome to the Work Healthy Podcast series – launched in association with the ‘Make Work Healthy’ Book.

These Work Healthy podcast gives you access to the world of healthy workplaces, digging deep to uncover the practices and approaches used by organisations worldwide in their attempts to rewrite the rules of the workplace as we know it. What are they doing? What are the challenges? What is the impact? We will access the brilliant brains of global thought leaders in the fields of health, performance, psychology, neuroscience, organisational design, culture and more.

The Work Healthy Podcast is for anybody passionate about creating healthier workplaces that deliver better results. Business leaders, HR experts and employees hungry for knowledge, insights and ideas to transform old ways of working and replace them with new approaches that make work actually work! We hope you enjoy each and every one.

Who will feature on The Work Healthy Podcast?

John Ryan is the host of the Work Healthy podcast, and is the founder and CEO of Healthy Place To Work. Prior to his current role, he led Great Place to Work Ireland for eleven years while assisting various affiliates across the world.

John is a Business graduate from Dublin City University with a Marketing specialisation and also holds a qualification from the University of Maynooth. John was formerly a broadcast journalist and expert trainer, and is a well-known speaker on the subjects of wellbeing, trust, and organisational success on a global scale. Additionally, he has taken part in a number of international transformation initiatives.

Alongside John, we will have a variety of experts in the world of business and health, sharing their insights that not are not just interesting but provide the potential for real impact in this space.

What Inspired the Work:Healthy Podcast

The main source of inspiration for our podcast series was our book, Make Work Healthy, which is published by WILEY and is available now. The book aims to provide leaders with a roadmap for building high-performing, resilient workplaces that will draw top talent and engage employees.

organisations struggle to find and keep talented employees while ensuring that the workplace and workforce function to their full potential. In the wake of the epidemic, leaders are now unsure of the best ways to organise and deliver work that is in line with the needs of a new generation of employees.

We believe that extreme devotion to workforce health will be the secret to success. The book offers different approaches to employee health and wellbeing that are evidence-based and data-driven, equipping readers with the resources, methodology, and knowledge needed to collect, comprehend, and benchmark the data required for them to adopt a strategic approach to ensuring workplace health.

Using a ‘Salutogenic’ approach and a holistic definition, we aim to release an inspirational book that offers many examples of workplace practices to deliver proven steps to success.

Learn more about Make Work Healthy