In Your Element!

Thermodynamics, Energy and Getting Work Done – Achieving Maximum Performance

In this speech we present an organisation and a workplace as a dynamic system of energy where work is completed.

Within any system it is important to identify and measure the component parts and the factors that affect its operational efficiency. People dependent organisation can increase their capacity to deliver by focusing attention on the health and wellbeing of their workforce and the environment where they operate ensuring maximum performance can be achieved. We need to stop managing time and start managing energy!This speech can be delivered to a senior team or to the general workforce and will be adjusted to suit the audience.

  • Learn about the energy rhythms that affect your life (Circadian Rhythm)
  • Understand the need to transform ‘Potential’ energy into ‘Kinetic’ energy (energy in motion)
  • Find out when you are in your Element
  • What are your energy sources?
  • What depletes or drains your energy?
  • How to spot the signs and avoid burnout
  • How to recover and recharge lost energy for better sustainable performance


Why we are looking at Resilience the wrong way! How to build real Resilience and sustainability into your business.

In this speech we will compare the classic view of resilience with a more contemporary understanding, moving away from the view that resilience is getting back up constantly and fighting the challenges that life throws at you like a super-human hero in your own life story.

We will show that resilience starts with self-awareness and spotting the signs of impending burnout, seeking support to deliver on the most important areas focusing on bringing more personal and organisational resources to bear to meet the demands of a fast changing and evolving environment.This speech is universally applicable but will be appreciated most by people who have been through a tough event or are likely to face significant change

  • Why everybody needs it but not everybody has it.
  • A definition that works
  • Reimaging Resilience as a verb
  • Responding to setbacks successfully
  • Developing your own personal shock absorbers
  • Creating a reservoir of Resilience
  • The formula for Resilience

A Healthy Place

Coffee, Love, Intelligence & Health, why you’ll never look at them the same way again!

This speech is wonderful for an organisation who is starting out on the journey to creating a Healthy Place to Work. It is delivered in a fun entertaining and relaxed manner to engage all.
In this speech we take everyday things like the humble cup of coffee, the simple four-letter word ‘Love’ and even the concept of intelligence itself and we reimagine them.
Redefining these things sets the scene to challenge our views in other areas of our lives like ‘health’. We will deconstruct your view of health and the definition you have been using all your life and aim to replace it will a more holistic and much broader understanding of the factors that make you truly a ‘Healthy’ person. This speech can be delivered to a senior team or to the general workforce and will be adjusted to suit the audience.

  • Learn how to see things differently and take a new perspective as we look at the evolution of Coffee, Love, Intelligence and Health
  • Broaden your definition of the word health
  • Develop a new lexicon to describe the different elements and factors that make ‘you’ Healthier
  • Understand the difference between a Salutogenic versus a Pathogenic approach to Health
  • Use a simple 21 element framework to get Healthier


“When choosing an inspirational speaker, it’s always a challenge to get the blend just right between being motivational and fun and yet insightful and thought-provoking. We’ve been lucky enough to get it all when John Ryan has addressed our leaders, and I can truly say he always makes a really positive impression way beyond our expectations. He grabs the audience’s attention in a way few can, and his words and insights linger long after the event has finished.”

John Ryan presented many times to our team both in the office and off site. We always enjoyed his presentations which were both informative and motivational. Everyone was engaged, invested in the session and buzzing with ideas afterwards. A real lightening rod for action. Would highly recommend.”

The presentation on workplace culture, trust and how to motivate and retain staff was really engaging and pin-point accurate on the common mistakes businesses make no matter what size they are. They also shared some quick-wins and our conference delegates left with a lot to think about on how important culture is to business success.”

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