International Speaker

John delivers inspirational talks about Wellbeing, Trust, Culture and Organisational Performance. He has made people sit up, resonate and learn from his light-hearted yet powerful insights. Organisations and their people worldwide have benefited from his storytelling backed by proven science and experience of helping companies improve the health of their employees and organisations.

It’s not what we talk about, it’s what you take away from it…

So what do his audiences think?

John presented many times to our team both in the office and off site. We always enjoyed his presentations which were both informative and motivational. Everyone was engaged, invested in the session and buzzing with ideas afterwards. A real lightening rod for action. Would highly recommend John.

“When choosing an inspirational speaker, it’s always a challenge to get the blend just right between being motivational and fun and yet insightful and thought-provoking. We’ve been lucky enough to get it all when John Ryan has addressed our leaders. He always makes a really positive impact way beyond our expectations. He grabs the audience’s attention in a way few can, and his words and insights linger long after the event has finished.”

“John’s presentation on workplace culture, trust and how to motivate and retain staff was really engaging and pin-point accurate on the common mistakes businesses make no matter what size they are. He also shared some quick-wins and our conference delegates left with a lot to think about on how important culture is to business success. We got some great post-event feedback and would like to say a big thank you to John.”

“John delivered a fantastic closing address entitled ‘Health; the greatest Driver of Performance’ at our HR Conference. Providing a fresh perspective on the challenges and opportunities to be gained through driving better performance John’s enthusiasm on this subject inspired conversation and peer interaction amongst our delegates and contributed greatly to the success of our conference event.”

John Ryan is a regular presenter at IoD events – always back by popular demand! His presentations always motivate and inspire our business leaders – Here is a sample of some of the feedback* from IoD members who have attended John’s briefings:

“I could have listened for hours!”

“John is a great speaker and brings a tonne of insights to employee engagement.”

“John is an excellent presenter with lots of really useful insights.”

“Just inspirational. John is an excellent presenter.”

*feedback has been collected anonymously via online survey

John facilitates a CEO discussion in Athens with the heads of Salesforce, Abbvie, DHL Express and Workday

Sample Speeches

Why we are looking at Resilience the wrong way! How to build real Resilience and sustainability into your business.

In this speech we present an organisation and a workplace as a dynamic system of energy where work is completed. Within any system it is important to identify and measure the component parts and the factors that affect its operational efficiency. People dependent organisation can increase their capacity to deliver by focusing attention on the health and wellbeing of their workforce and the environment where they operate ensuring maximum performance can be achieved. In this speech we identify the factors to measure and how they will determine your success or failure

Perspective of depression

In this excerpt of his speech, John relates a story of depression and how it can capture people where they believe the feelings they are experiencing are normal – however, as John highlights, there is hope. With the proper support, a person can change their perspective and move forward in a different direction on their journey in life.

The 7 Deadly sins of Workplace Wellbeing!

Many organisations set out with the best intentions in the world to support their employees health and wellbeing but fail. Our ability to learn from the failures of others allows us achieve with speed. In this speech we highlight the top mistakes that organisations make and how you can take a more successful route to drive individual employee health, organisational health and in turn create a more resilient, sustainable, and high performance place of work.