Make Work Healthy is a why-to/how-to book that charts the course for leaders who want to create resilient, sustainable, and high performing workplaces that will attract talent and engage workers. We share our views on the future of work and the workplace. We believe that the key to success will be an absolute obsession with workforce health. Moving away from tactical, ad-hoc, event-based, HR led wellbeing programs focused on building awareness and driving down sick days to a more strategic approach that is data-driven, evidence-based, and C-suite led. Using a ‘Salutogenic’ approach and a holistic definition, we aim to share an inspirational book and offer many examples of workplace practices to deliver proven steps to success.

About the Authors of Make Work Healthy

John Ryan

CEO, Healthy Place To Work®

John Ryan is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Healthy Place To Work. He has spent most of his working life consulting with Multinational organisations in the areas of Trust, Health, Wellbeing and organisational Transformation leading the Great Place To Work Institute in Ireland for 10 years. Formerly a broadcast journalist and expert trainer John is a regular media contributor and international speaker on topics including organisational health, resilience, and sustainability. Make Work Healthy is the title of his recent book which he co-authored with Dr. Michael Burchell and which is published by Wiley.

Dr. Michael Burchell LLC

Author; Consultant, Executive Coach

Dr. Michael Burchell is an expert in human capital strategy and transformational change. He is the co-author of two books, No Excuses: How You Can Turn Any Workplace into a Great One (2013), and The Great Workplace: How to Build It, How to Keep It, and Why It Matters (2011). A seasoned executive counsellor in organisational effectiveness, including workplace culture change, employee engagement, and human capital strategy. He partners with clients on issues related to transformation such as top team effectiveness, merger integration, diversity & inclusion, and employer branding.