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At Healthy Place to Work, we take an evidence-based and data-driven approach to employee health and wellbeing. In line with our values, we have launched a knowledge hub. The knowledge hub consists of videos, blogs and articles with up to date, data-based information that will educate and guide organisations on their journey towards workplace health and wellbeing.

Make Work Healthy

Make Work Healthy is a why-to/how-to book that charts the course for leaders who want to create resilient, sustainable, and high performing workplaces that will attract talent and engage workers. We share our views on the future of work and the workplace. We believe that the key to success will be an absolute obsession with workforce health. Moving away from tactical, ad-hoc, event-based, HR led wellbeing programs focused on building awareness and driving down sick days to a more strategic approach that is data-driven, evidence-based, and C-suite led. Using a ‘Salutogenic’ approach and a holistic definition, we aim to share an inspirational book and offer many examples of workplace practices to deliver proven steps to success.

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Science of Wellbeing
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Work can be one of the biggest contributors to your health and wellbeing. Individuals who take the time to deeply understand themselves, their strengths, their weaknesses, what they love or hate, and the environments in which they can excel will have a distinct advantage. Knowing these factors, they will be able to choose a company and a culture with which they feel deeply aligned, a place where they can give their best and experience a deep sense of personal satisfaction.

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