Healthy Leadership

Creating a Sustainable C-Suite

Being a senior leader in an organisation today is challenging. Performance expectations are high, and the operational environment is complex. The most important driver of individual, team and organisational success is health. The healthier a leader, their team and their organisation, the higher their performance and the more equipped they are to ride the challenges that life throws their way.


Healthy Place To Work® has developed an innovative and personalized programme aimed at members of the C-Suite. It will provide teams with direct and focused feedback, knowledge and insight, tools and techniques and ensure they can be role models for the whole company to create a Healthy Place To Work.

The programme combines personal perception analysis through quantitative and qualitative sources with data from wearable devices to assess the stress level (heart rate variability), energy, sleep and recovery of C-suite members. It educates the team on the component parts of creating a Healthy Place To Work and their part in becoming effective role models for healthy behaviors.

Attendees will be given an opportunity to discuss and debate potential changes to their organisational culture and design to ensure they both individually and collectively deliver sustainable high performance for themselves and their organisation.

Stage 1
Pre-programme Engagement

Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment.

Make Work Healthy

Leaders are struggling to know how best to organise and deliver work in a post-pandemic environment consistent with the requirements of a new generational workforce. ‘Make Work Healthy’ is a why-to/how-to book that charts the course for leaders who want to create resilient, sustainable, high-performing workplaces that attract talent and engage workers. In the book, we share our views on the future of work and the workplace as we believe that the key to success will be an absolute obsession with workforce health, and the book’s content will form the Healthy Leadership programme coursework.

During the programme, we want to move away from tactical, ad-hoc, event-based, HR-led wellbeing programmes focused on building awareness and driving down sick days to a more strategic approach that is data-driven, evidence-based, and C-suite led. All participants will receive a copy of ‘Make Work Healthy.’


If your people believe you care about their health, they will care about your business. If you don’t show you care, they won’t either. If employees genuinely believe the leaders care and are role models, they will reciprocate with higher productivity, energy, collaboration and creativity and stay loyal. Using our unique ‘salutogenic’ approach and holistic Workforce and Workplace Health definition, we will use our H30 statement set to assess the leadership team. When all participants have completed the H30 Healthy Place To Work survey, the anonymized team results will be presented and discussed during the programme.

Semi Structured Interviews

All Participants will have a 60-minute interview with a Healthy Place To Work consultant to understand their daily routines, including sleep, stress and recovery.

The interview will also seek to understand when the participant is operating at their best and when they feel most effective; in addition, it will discuss the times and environment when they feel less effective.

Stage 2


Day 1 of the programme offers the team an opportunity to step away from business as usual and take a holistic assessment of their workplace culture as it serves their business objectives. We will share the ‘team’ baseline data results of their survey.

In the session, they will learn about the philosophy of Healthy Place To Work and why sustainable high performance is the order of the day. The facilitators will share the model, framework, and science behind creating a Healthy Workplace.

The team will share case studies and stories from organisations on the journey, providing participants with tips and tricks to accelerate their journey.

The final section will discuss their position as ‘Role Models’ for healthy behaviours and the ways to overcome obstacles they perceive may exist within their organisational structure and design.



Wellness Culture
Flow & Gratitude
Organisation & Value


Learning Mindset
Financial Wellbeing
Self Efficacy (job & career)
Self Efficacy (health)
Work Control
Work Demands


Manager Support
Peer Support
Social Wellbeing
Diversity & Inclusion
Emotional Expression


Work Environment & Safety
Energy & Rest

Stage 3

Thirty Day Assessment.

All participants will be asked to keep a daily diary for 30 days.

In addition, they will wear technology (Oura Ring) to track a range of physiological aspects, including variable heart rate, sleep, energy and recovery levels.

After 30 days, they will have a confidential one-to-one with a PQ coach to review in detail their data. The coach will share comparison benchmark data for other C-Suite executives. The session aims to focus on areas where the individual might be able to make habit changes that will result in better and faster recovery.

Getting attuned to your body is the first step towards sustainable high performance.

Stage 4

Ways of Working.

The last stage of the programme brings all participants together to review their individual progress and discuss ways to improve their combined performance as a team.

The facilitators will drive a discussion to challenge the attendees to propose changes to their own and their team’s ways of working. They will focus on habit development and routines that make performance smarter with less negative downstream impact.

Ensuring the utilisation of technology while retaining a culture that prioritises the human aspect of the workplace and aims to deliver high performance sustainably.

The team will leave the session with a clear action plan, fully understanding their role in creating a Healthy Place To Work.

Getting attuned to your body is the first step towards sustainable high performance.

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